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First Capri an exotic surprise
THE Capri of the late 1960s is one of the most memorable cars ever from Ford, but there was a somewhat forgotten model bearing the same name launched in the early part of the decade that had the market agape. The Capri 109E was based in the futuristic and somewhat overblown Consul Classic of 1961...Read More

Morgan a toast of good old fashioned

THE Morgan 4/4 is the iconic sportscar so many of us would love to own. This is the vintage-look two seater, also known as the Four Four, that we see most often being enjoyed on country... Read More

Salute to an American dream

JEEP in the UK is saluting the success of one of its legends during its 75th anniversary. The Wrangler, with looks that echo the tough little wartime Jeep has been given... Read More

High Roller a new era for Flying Lady

IN the early 1960s strange beasts were seen in the highways and byways of Cheshire. I know because I saw them. In my first years after passing my driving test nothing gave... Read More

Ford workhorse of the golden years

WHEN talk comes to Ford vans these days the word Transit immediately springs to mind. But there was most definitely vibrant van life from Ford before the birth of the Transit... Read More