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Used Volvo for family budgets
VOLVO'S S40 and its stablemate V50 estate are still good buys and an accomplished pair of family cars. Production ended in 2012, when the current V40 hatch was unveiled, and there is a wide range of engines to choose from. Most are front wheel drive but there are some...Read More

DS 3 - First Drive

HOW important is the pretty DS 3 to the company selling the car to we Brits? Well, about as important as it gets - we buy more of this chic little French number than... the French themselves... Read More

Volkswagen Polo R-Line 1.0 TSI

‘SMALL is big and big is small' might be a good mission statement for the Volkswagen Polo in many respects. As small cars go it's certainly pretty big - having grown considerably... Read More

Ford smoothie of the 1950s

IN 1950 the game changed for Ford with the introduction of the six-cylinder Zephyr model. With bodywork based on the four-cylinder Consul, the Zephyr was a smoother more powerful car... Read More

Drivers running out of patience

MANY drivers will be running out of patience. The latest figures from the Department for Transport show that traffic is increasing. It's up more than two per cent in 2015 which ultimately... Read More